Dirty Minds: Candy Alexa

Candy Alexa fell in the wrong hands in this latest house of taboo video. The big titted blonde had the surprise of her life when this guy she was dating invited her to his place. She knew that he was kind of kinky but she wasn’t expecting to get tied, gagged and punished in this way. Candy went over to his place and of course, he offered her a tour of the house, although she wasn’t too interested in seeing his basement he insisted until they went there. Candy wasn’t expecting him to be this kinky, he really seemed a really normal guy, but that changed after the day she spent in that house.

Once he got her there he insisted that she should try out his toys. She was a bit scared at first but she gave it a try for him. Candy definitely wasn't expecting things to get this wild and to get stripped, tied and then roughly punished with his crazy sex toy collection. Candy had a time she won't forget too soon, so you gotta see her! You must check out below the pictures and the hardcore bondage video we have prepared for you. Enjoy it and make sure you return for more kinky houseoftaboo scenes! Also you might enter the http://queensnake.org/ site and find similar videos and pics!

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